“We have been using Rock & Roll photographer Dirk for a number of years now. Whether it’s in a massive tent, or during a performance in a small, intimate theater, Dirk knows how to show the ambiance of the performance. Not yet another standard picture of the guitarist, but also backstage activities which makes you relive the reportage of the performance as a movie. Dirk runs around as a sort of ghost, both on and in front of the stage! You know he’s there, but you won’t see him! The result is amazing, even exceeding your expectations, time and time again. Homage to Dirk!”

Remko Keizer - Høken met de Heinoos


“I have known Dirk for years, from various activities in De Pul, but with his photography, he exceeds your wildest dreams. It’s incredible how Dirk is able to captivate the ambiance and the feeling of a night with his camera. Not just by making beautiful separate photographs, but also by telling a story with a series of photographs. Fantastic!”

Gijs de Louw - De Pul Uden


“Enthusiastic, personal and driven. Dirk makes time, really listens and is able to photograph everything in such a way, that we couldn’t be anything else than extremely content. Fresh, contemporary photos that typify/define us massively, both personally and commercially. Dirk, you are fantastic!”

Ilse & Iris - I-Didact Uden


“Dirk knows how to captivate a concert and/or festival from beginning to end, in a Rock ‘n Roll way. You can feel the ambiance, the experience, it’s like you were there! Dirk has a keen eye for (creative) detail, light and composition. Both we, and our bands, are always more than satisfied with the result. Not unimportant: besides being a photographer, Dirk is a nice, enthusiastic and sympathetic guy you can count on!”

Susan Exterkate - Live & Booking


“When we told Dirk about our idea, he involved us in his excitement, which made it a very special project. With his involvement, we were able to create the perfect environment for the perfect picture, we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Dirk, it’s such a pleasure to work with you!”

Chris Wouters & Michiel van Boxtel -